Welcome to Macey Vale.

We have been working on something special to bring to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and one day, the whole of Australia.

Since 2017 we have been building, modifying and perfecting the online sharing platform. Firstly starting with online person-to-person dress hire, we have since launched our newest expedition as an online directory and booking systems for all your event needs. This includes make up artists, freelance or businesses, and hair stylists near you.  We wanted to build a one-stop shop for formals and events, as well as our very first ‘For Sale’ page, where users can sell their ‘worn once’ outfits.

Dreamed up by Grace McErvale, a then 23-year-old university student at the time, she was born with the millennial frame of mind “there must be an easier way to do this”. Grace saw an opportunity to stream line the painful stalking on social media for the perfect make-up artists, the expensive dress hire from store rental companies and disappointing seventies up-do’s. With this we find ourselves here, at Macey Vale.

We look forward to constantly updating and broadening our reach across the country, and including more and more services to help better organize your events.

Together online, with only the ladies and businesses that want to showcase their best work, we hope you can find your Cinderella moment. Perhaps you’re the fairy godmother to make someone’s night special? We invite you to try Macey yourself as a vendor, and really start to reap the benefits that we know we can bring you.

See for yourself!