Dress Hire Melbourne

Have an event coming up but have nothing to wear? Hire designer dresses,  for a fraction of the retail price at Maceyvale Dress Hire Melbourne!

By having your contact details on your listing, ladies are able to contact you directly. This means you will always have full control on who and how you hire out your dress.

Your able to organise times for them to try on, postage details, and payment details. Whether it be cash, debit or credit – its all in your hands.

100% of the hire price is yours! We do not take commission. You only pay a small fee for your listing. If your items are popular and hiring frequently this works out cheaper for you!


Inspired by Facebook pages – Macey Vale was designed to create a more efficient service that works better for you. It creates an easier, less time consuming pathway to earn you money. We hope to build the sites traffic so Macey Vale becomes a household name.


Dress Hire Melbourne

Getting Started – Hiring Out your Dress


Register on Macey Vale Melbourne. All this requires is an email and a username of your choice. No card details, tricks or scams! You will receive your registration details via email to your elected mailing address. Registration is free and we do not take any commission.


Choose ADD LISTING on your home page. Simply select which package you would prefer. Free listings last for a year from the date you uploaded, whilst paid listings are paid per month. If you choose a paid package your payments are secured through pay pal or bank transfer. We won’t have access to any card details! You will be alerted 5 days prior to expiration of any listings.

What To Include on your Listing:

Hire Price – including cleaning costs. We recommend handling and arranging all cleaning yourself to ensure the best quality and care for your much loved items.

Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – Know how much your dress is worth. Knowing this helps to determine a bond price your happy with.

Bond – You don’t have to request a bond, however if you do it helps to cover costs if your dress is damaged or stolen.You might decide on a percentage of the RRP or the full RRP minus the hire price.

Size – Best fit options.


Each listing will offer your clients a way to contact you. Including your phone number and email is a great start. You will need to be easily contactable and have good communication skills. Your clients may want appointment times to try your dress or items. Like everything, time is money so be flexible.

Make sure if you have arranged your residential address as the pick up zone, that there is always someone home with you. Other options are public areas such as shopping centres.


The best part! You have your first client. Sit back and enjoy your weekend while your garment is getting the love it needs.

If your proactive, start thinking about your next client and promote your items on any other social media platforms – the more the merrier. Remember this is your business now, go out and embrace it. By clicking on your profile and copying the url ( you can paste it anywhere with your automated thumbnails of your listings! Convenience yus!

Once you have received your garment back – rinse – repeat.


Macey Vale’s Rental Agreement Template

In your successful submission email you will receive after listing a dress you will find attached for you use, Macey Vale’s Rental Agreement Template.

We recommend including full names, contact details, photo ID, license or passport number, garment details, agreed hire price, agreed bond price, return date and signatures from both parties.

Using Macey Vale Dress Hire Melbourne

Your profile

To get started – use your profile, which is located in the menu, to keep track of your listings. From here you can edit, update, renew and delete listings.

Emails will alert you 5 days prior to any expiring subscriptions. From here you can set your profile picture and change your password.

Upgrade Payments

Macey Vale uses PayPal to process payments. PayPal is a leader in antifraud technology and provides a secure payment system. This means Macey Vale will never see your debit or credit card details when purchasing homepage. Other options include pre bank transfer.

Listing Upgrades

We recommend upgrading your listing to be featured on the homepage. This will allow maximum exposure and opportunity to hire your dresses out.

Upgrading your listings is easy. This can be done at the time of your listing, or accessed later in your profile. Upgrades can be purchased for $10.00 AUD and will display the selected listing on the homepage for seven days

Resizing your images to suit the site requirements

For the best looking listings, image sizes should be at least 500 pixels wide x 700 pixels high. Adjust your image sizes here.

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