Macey Vale offers a simple way to connect with potential customers in your city. This allows you to take a step back from marketing your business, so you can focus on your own service or products. Elegant, simple and easy to use, Macey offers a way to generate business – without the headaches.

Create an Account or Register as a Vendor

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Creating an account with Macey is easy. Signing up allows you to rate and favourite your listings — to help you make your hard life decisions.

Wanting to sell or join as a business? Just register as a vendor here.

As a vendor you’ll be able to submit and create products – whether it’s one off sales, or bookable services.

Macey’s Vendor Dashboard allows vendors backend management of their business including a catalogue of your customer bookings and more.

Allow up to 24 hours for vendor approval, we’ll email you to let you know when to sign back into Macey! Sometimes our emails get flagged – So make sure you check your junk and spam folders.

Create Products & Services

The best bit about registering as a vendor is the control we allow. When creating your products, we step you through an upload process covering all the details to successfully list your products or set up your booking.

We know life gets busy, so choose exactly what calendar days to block out products, or minimum and maximum timeframes. Through this detailed system, clients can request and book directly through Macey.



– Upload as many photos as you need
– Set per-day or per-hour booking periods
– Set your product to go on sale if not sold before a certain date
– Set the amount of notice you need for bookings and how much time is needed between bookings, so you’re never caught on the back foot

– Create or select further details, this makes your products easily searchable
– Create further add-on products to appear along side your listings. Sell your own eyelashes? Offer them alongside all your listings

+ Many More

Submit Your Shop Listing


When you’re finished creating your first product or services you will be prompted to either create, or add your products to a shop listing. This is your business landing page.

Here you can add generalised images of your products, business address and there’s plenty of room to talk about how good you are. Most importantly this is where all your products are showcased. So make it worth the read!

Don’t want a shop listing? That’s fine too, your products or services will be viewable separately.

Get More Interest

Social Media

When using Macey, your shop will be a thing of beauty. Our most popular listings are featured on our homepage, the more visits you can get, the longer you spend in the spotlight! A few tips to getting your business maximum exposure.

– Share links and tell your friends.
– Tag images on Instagram to feature on our growing page @maceyvale and live website feed.
– Use high quality photos. Nothing sells better then sharp images and gorgeous gals.
– Get positive reviews. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, encourage your happy customers to rate your service.

Be responsive!


We strongly encourage responsiveness. We have included onsite person to person messaging so you can directly message businesses and customers through Macey whenever you have questions.
We pride ourselves on having a good business front, we require all vendors to be responsive and interactive with customers. Vendors with too many bad ratings will be reviewed accordingly – to make Macey the efficient marketplace it was designed to be.

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