What’s the catch?

If you consider it a catch, we charge a 5% commission on sales. This is to fuel our site development so we can keep improving and marketing your products on Macey.

Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes! As a vendor on Macey Vale all your sales are processed through Macey, and payments are made through PayPal. This allows sales to fall under the PayPal Buyers Protection. To read more on this visit PayPal.

Macey Vale is the first to receive the money and then pass on 95% of your sale. Without a PayPal account we can’t process your earnings.

How come I am not able to create products, even though I have signed up?

There are two types of users on Macey. Those that have signed up as a customer and those that have applied as a Vendor. Our Macey Vendor’s must submit an application to sell online. Approval may take up to 24 hours. Once approved a CREATE tab will be accessible and from here you will be able to seamlessly upload products and create your shop page. You can apply here.

Who is responsible if my goods are damaged?

We are currently working on including a separate deposit payment that will be required and customisable per each individual listing. We are hoping to have this up and running as soon as possible. In the mean time, we encourage vendor’s to utilise our ‘add on product’ options to employ their own deposits. Unfortunately this will not allow refunds to be processed on site Macey, and communication will be required between both parties prior to sale to organise off site deposit returns. To read Macey Vale’s full terms of service please visit here.

If I purchase a product and it never arrives, who do I contact?

We understand this is a concern when using sites based on trust. By keeping purchases online and processed through our PayPal portal, all transactions may fall underneath PayPal’s Buyer Protection. We encourage communicating with the vendor first and if no resolution is reached then disputes can be made through PayPal. When having goods posted, always ensure registered post is used and tracking numbers exchanged.

How do I set my Shipping Costs and what if my client wants to pick it up?

It’s totally up to you how your goods are exchanged. We encourage use of the Add-On Product system to set your own shipping costs, that your clients can purchase at the time of the sale. This can be set during product or service creation. Whilst we don’t encourage pick up – drop off scenarios for safety reasons, the online messaging system can be used to organise such requirements prior to sale. Even if created, add on products, such as shipping, do not have to be purchased when checking out.