Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do clients organise and pay to hire my dress?

A: By having your contact details on your listing, ladies are able to contact you directly. This means you will always have full control on who and how you hire out your dress. Your able to organise times for them to try on, postage details, and payment details. Whether it be cash, debit or credit – its all in your hands.

Q: Can I list my dresses under a business account?

A: Absolutely! You can add your Facebook, website or any other links to display on your page! Feel free to add a logo as your profile picture.

Q: How much of the dress hire price do I get to keep?

A: 100% of the hire price is yours! We do not take commission. You only pay a small fee for your listing. If your items are popular and hiring frequently this works out cheaper for you!

Q: What is the free rental agreement form that you offer?

A: Macey Vale has legally developed a rental agreement form that you can use with your clients. Once you list, you will get a submission email and it will be attached in PDF form. By filling it out accordingly, both yourself and your client sign it, in agreement to your terms (price, return date, clients details). This way you legally secure your item against all theft and damages. It is only valid for items listed on Macey Vale.

Q: You don’t have my designer as a category, what do i do?
A: List it under other – we monitor all new listings coming in. If your designer is well known we will create the category for you, and sort your items accordingly as soon as possible.

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