Have you upgraded your phone plan lately? Now you can even lease your phones at a cheaper price. Forget struggling to buy houses, today’s generation are struggling to buy clothes. That being said, it’s mainly because we’ve figured out the world isn’t flat and we’re spending our money on exploring the great beyond.

Mostly the rental share platform has taken off amongst post high-school, mid university and professional women. You might only need a dress for your high-school graduation, but once your in the big blue with all the other fishies you’ve got events coming at you left, right, backwards and forwards. We’ve got ‘Welcome back Gala’s’, ‘Mid Year Balls’, ‘This college event’, ‘That college event’, ‘Corporate luncheons’ and ‘End of year break-ups’. The list goes on. Not only does this wear down your liver, this wears down your wallet because heaven forbid, you’d outfit repeat.

Many women through-out Australia are making more room in the closets and making money on their pre-loved or ‘worn-once’ items. After becoming a vendor on the site women are able to create their own products – either one off sales or bookable products. Using a secure payment gateway such as PayPal, credit-card details and identification details remain protected.

“Having personally used person-to-person dress hire myself, I can’t fault the process. I was part of a group on Facebook with over 20 000 members who were constantly posting pictures of the clothing for hire or for sale, I knew there was a strong market for it. All that needed to happen, and what Facebook lacked was the ability to request and book it over a secure platform. Another thought process that emerged was how was someone to know if that process sucked? You couldn’t tell if previous experiences were positive with that seller because just like facebook is known for, the post had disappeared in an hour”. – Grace McErvale Co Director of Macey Vale.

It’s a changing age, and I think we are all trying to be less wasteful and conservative to spend our money on experiences. Working out that we don’t have to sacrifice fashion is just a bonus. The outfit share movement is here, so jump on and experience it.

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