Was Macey Vale my subconscious decision of my adolescent self?

Remembering back to graduation, what others would call year 12 formal. The logistics were a nightmare for the obvious reasons.

  1. My casual McDonald’s pay check was not going to be suffice for a designer dress, and let’s be honest I didn’t know all the glamour that was out there anyway. Natalie Rolt who?
  2. The temptation of buying a cheap but seemingly perfect online dress from a Chinese retailer was calling louder then ever. Probably a sad repercussion of point 1.
  3. I did my own make up, because I had zero clue of any good freelance MUA near me, within budget or with any evidence that they could indeed paint my face so that I didn’t look 12. The same could be said for the fate of my hair. Luckily for my I had a long term hair dresser who did an amazing job.
  4. Car hire for arriving to the hall in style. Whilst some kids arrived in limo’s, ferrari’s and even the casual porta-loo on the back of a trailer. I took the option of the white lowered Chrysler with the suicide doors, definitely not my first choice, but my only.

Six years on, I have learnt with my millennial frame of mind, there is almost always an easier or more efficient way to get things done. The days of going to five million places with one goal in mind are over. Early adopters of this philosophy? Myer, DJ’s and even bloody Mecca does it. Let’s just put all the relevant elements in one place. We have dress hire, freelance make-up artists and hair dressers. Say goodbye to the pain of coordinating your formal events.

Online sharing platforms have more then certainly taken off. Our last site only touched on the surface of the community where girls are hiring dresses. We made the connections from one girl to the other but then we faulted. How could we track just how successful Macey was for you? How could we prove our worth? That’s why we have facilitated an online booking system. Dress hire has never been easier. No-one gets your bank account details, PayPal offers the security and you get paid as soon as the transaction goes through.

You get an easier system and we get statistics to keep on improving and growing the community bigger and bigger and your client base respectively.

The brings me the expansion. I had an event and I knew using the old Macey, my outfit would be sorted, but google let me down on the search for freelance mobile make-up artists. Today, nothing should be that hard to google. So why stop at dress hire we thought? I knew there are hundreds of girls, struggling to get paid for their skills. I thought, “Let’s see their work and looks and lets compare their prices, better yet, let’s see them in our areas”. Let’s stop stalking instagram hashtags #brisbanemakeupartists #sunshinecoasthair #yawn and lets create the next mecca of the internet.

I’m really just trying to make your lives a little easier, so I’d love to hear what you think of the changes. Leave your comments below. I hope your as excited as I am.



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